Heartfelt Healing - Reiki and Counseling From The Heart
What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese form of energy medicine that provides relaxation, rejuvenation and stress relief, and promotes healing on all levels and in all dimensions.  "Rei" means Spirit-guided, and "Ki" means life-force energy.  Thus, Reiki is Spirit-guided life-force energy. 
What is A Reiki Session Like?
Clients lie fully clothed, face-up, on a comfortable massage table.  The practitioner begins by sending Reiki to the client from a short distance from the table.  Then, starting at the head and moving to the feet, Reiki is sent to the clent by positioning hands on the body, and in the energy field above the body.  Reiki energy is warm and clients will feel heat coming from the practitioner's hands.
What Does the Client Need to Do?
Clients should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.  Clients are welcome to set an intention for the healing session; however, Reiki energy is intelligent and will go where it is needed.  Once on the table, clients are invited to close their eyes and simply drift away. 
What Are The Benefits of Reiki?
Reiki is very relaxing and provides a non-linear form of multidimensional healing.  Clients often report decreased feelings of anxiety and depression, and increased feelings of physical, emotional and spiritual well being.
Where Did  Reiki Come From?
Dr. Mikau Usui, who was born in Japan in 1865, is the founder of Reiki.  Dr. Usui studied in the East and West, learning physical and spiritual medicine and, at one point, became a Tendai Buddhist Monk.  During one of several 21-day meditations he undertook on Mount Kurama, Dr. Usui received inspiration for the Reiki system of healing.
How Do You Learn Reiki?
Reiki is not learned in the usual way, but is passed from Master to student via attunements which are sacred symbols placed in the student's energy field.  The Reiki practiced at Heartfelt Healing can trace its lineage directly to Dr. Usui.
Is Reiki a Religion?
Reiki is not a religion but it is spiritual in nature and promotes feelings of peacefulness and connection to the Divine.